First online DAMR PhD-ing from Home Event was a success!

On April 21st, DAMR hosted its first ‘PhD-ing from home’ event. In collaboration with Lieneke Van Waalwijk Van Doorn – trainer and coach at Limen Coaching – we gathered 20 PhD researchers working across universities in and beyond the Netherlands and had an interactive, two-hour session on what it is like to work from home while conducting your PhD.

As a networking organization aiming to connect migration scholars, DAMR’s intention with organizing this event was to give attention to the specific situation of PhD researchers under the current pandemic: while PhD’ing is a tough and difficult process under normal circumstances, the pandemic exacerbated much for this for many PhD researchers across migration studies. Lieneke, author of “The Working From Home Survival Guide” shared some of her best tips and had the attendees conduct several small assignments, in which they could share their struggles and exchange experiences. Top tip #13 resonated with all of us: “Relax for your best ideas”. Some of the post-session appraisals by attendees:

“The first part was surprisingly nice, hearing people's struggles so honestly, there was much solidarity. Especially when people answered in the quiz what they felt they should do and actually did.”

"The workshop was very well prepared and despite the online format, Lieneke was able to create a safe space for people to share their worries and experiences. That was great!"

"Sharing things you worry about was very valuable to learn about things others are struggling with and knowing that you are not alone in this."

DAMR would like to thank all attendees for their participation and for being so open-minded, and Lieneke for perfectly facilitating this inspiring and re-assuring session.