DAMR 2019 PhD Workshop - Exernalization of Migration Management

At the 19th of September, the Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research (NNHRR) in collaboration with DAMR organized a PhD workshop on the topic of 'Legal Implications of the European Trends in the Externalisation of Migration Management' at Radboud University. Find a short report and some pictures from the event in this article.

Mary Dickson (Radboud University)
Annick Pijnenburg (Tilburg University)
Amélie Poméon (Radboud University)

Mary Dickson, Annick Pijnenburg and Amélie Poméon, all members of the Migration and Borders Working Group of the NNHRR (Netherlands Network for Human Rights Research), organised a one-day PhD workshop on the topic of Legal Implications of European Trends in the Externalisation of Migration Management. The workshop took place on 19 September 2019 at Radboud University Nijmegen and was co-funded by the DAMR (Dutch Association for Migration Research) and the NNHRR.
The workshop gathered some 20 academics and Ph.D. candidates from four different countries working in the area of shared responsibility for extraterritorial acts in the context of migration management. In allowing for the exchange of ideas between speakers and participants in an informal setting, it provided a unique opportunity to discuss and develop ideas. A few participants who could not attend in person were nevertheless able to participate remotely through videoconferencing.
Our intention as organisers was to create an opportunity for discussion and the exchange of ideas between Ph.D. researchers and senior academics. As a result, we chose a format which allowed for around 40 minutes of discussion following a presentation given by the main speaker. In two sessions it was also possible to have a respondent to the main speaker, meaning that an element of discussion was already built into those sessions. Another step taken to stimulate discussion was to produce a 2-page document to accompany each session. This meant that the sessions remained focussed and allowed participants to prepare in advance of the workshop.

Discussions were lively and continued into the breaks between sessions, the drinks and even into a dinner, that some decided to join spontaneously.
A particularly fruitful aspect which resulted from the workshop was the interest generated in a potential follow-up meeting. This would focus on a peer review where Ph.Ds. would be able to share their work with each other and receive feedback.

DAMR NNHRR Workshop 1   DAMR NNHRR Workshop 2