2017 Spring Meeting

The 2017 DAMR Spring Event was devoted to research on Migrant Decision-Making in ‘the digital information age’ and took place on 15 May at the WODC in the Hague.

Rianne Dekker (Utrecht University) & Judith Zijlstra (University of Amsterdam) discussed the role of social media in the migration decisions that people make, while Koen Leurs from Utrecht University focused on the role of social media in the daily life experiences of young migrants in the Netherlands. Frank Willemsen (WODC) contemplated on the role of big data in the possible forecasting of migration flows and patterns and finally Djamila Schans (WODC) discussed the design and (non-)impact of (inter-)governmental information campaigns that try to combat irregular migration. All presentations were reflected upon by policy makers of the Ministries of Security and Justice, Social Affairs and Foreign Affairs.