Since its foundation in 2014, DAMR aims to establish a strong network among researchers in and outside the Netherlands to enhance their opportunities to exchange ideas and collaborate for research. For this aim, DAMR organizes at least two research meetings per year: the DAMR Spring and DAMR Fall Events. Each meeting addresses current themes related to international migration and brings together academic experts to share their research results in an interactive manner with relevant stakeholders. These meetings not only include other academic researchers and PhD candidates but also policy makers, government officials and civil society members.

DAMR also encourages PhD candidates to interact more among each other and with more senior researchers throughout their research journey. DAMR provides financial support to PhD candidates to organize academic events, debates and other relevant activities to share ideas, exchange knowledge and disseminate their research to a wider audience.

You can find an overview of past and upcoming DAMR events on the webpage 'meetings'.

Do you have a good idea for a future DAMR event, a PhD workshop or are you interested in co-organizing one of DAMR's events? You can contact DAMR via the contact form on the website. We will get in touch with you shortly.