Press Kit

The Dutch Association for Migration Research brings together experts in migration research conducted in and on the Netherlands. Our members are able to provide the academic knowledge and sound evidence on a variety of migration issues. At a time when migration issues are hotly debated, DAMR members are willing to share their knowledge, experiences and give their input on the areas of their specialization. Do you need a contribution from our experts to inform the public? Feel free to contact them:

Özge Bilgili: immigrant integration and social cohesion, migration and development, integration policies, immigrant children's education and social well-being, diasporas
Jeroen Doomernik: irregular migration, human smuggling, migration policy, asylum seekers, refugees
Moritz Jesse: immigration regulation on EU and national level; legal aspects of immigrant integration; equality and non-discrimination, opportunities for inclusion
Peter Rodrigues: immigration, human rights, non-discrimination, equality and statelessness

Do you need expertise on a different topic? Feel free to contact Laura Cleton (secretary) via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..